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Are you looking to hire a professional while you do that thing that only you can do?


I got you.


I use a blend of research and psychology to help you make sales in your business.


I don’t just teach, I offer intensive and done for your services as well.

Are you ready to  sell – damn well?


I can help – hmu.

Are you looking to hire a professional while you do that thing that only you can do?


Let’s hop on a call!

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Services I offer…

Brand Development Copy

Nothing ruins a good business idea faster than a bad brand.

Everyone and their little sister thinks a branding board and a logo gets you a brand.


Stop worrying if your brand is pretty and start making sure that it’s doing its job.

While everyone else is caught up in playing with pretty colors, let’s get you a leg up on the considerable competition.

From your name, tagline, and pitch all the way to your web and sales copy,

your brand must be consistent and intentional

in order to stand out and stand the test of time.

Everything else is just bad copy.

Launch & Funnel Copy

You’ve got a thing.

It’s a thing of beauty.

Or maybe you learned to do a thing.

And maybe it’s the secret to the universe.

It’s the cure for all that ails us.

It’s a thing entirely your own and you’re a little bit in love with it – and yourself for coming up with it.

You’re finally ready to show your beautiful creation to the world.

But the world is fickle and cheap and easily bored.

Enter the miracle that is good copy – the other secret to the universe.

Let’s get you that copy that will show the world just how amazing you and your thing really are.

Marketing Strategy

Online entrepreneurship is life – but where do you start?

Or maybe you’ve started but things aren’t going quite the way you’d envisioned.

What the hell do you now?

Well, that’s where I – the Mrs. of Marketing – come in!

We’ll find that perfect inch that deserves a mile deep dig and down we’ll go.

We’ll develop a marketing plan that doesn’t just sound like a great idea.

We’ll get a marketing plan that has clear-cut, actionable steps for you and/or your team.

A marketing plan that will make you money and…

turn your good idea into a good income.

Ready to DIY your way to your dreams?