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Isn’t it time that you stop watching everyone else kill it with their launches… and start making some real money?

Truth? It costs thousands of dollars to have a Conversion Copywriter like me write your website copy, your landing pages, and your email sequences. Seriously.

 You can pretty much bank on dropping around $4,000 and up, up, up for conversion-optimized website copy, crafted for conversions email sequences, and for conversion powerhouse sales pages written by a pro. 

Launch and funnel copy doesn’t come cheap for a reason.

I’m not going to lie. Sure, you can absolutely throw something up and make a little money with it.

But you don’t want to just scrape by do you?

If you’re not getting your copy optimized by a trained and experienced Conversion Copywriter, then you’re not just leaking money – you’re pouring buckets of cash out of your business yourself.

Ever had boxed mac & cheese? Think Gordon Ramsey’s mac & cheese is pretty much the same? Not even close.

The difference? Training. Learning from the best. Doing the work.

This is perfect for you if you are a…

🔸 Coach

🔸 Course Creator

🔸 Service Provider

🔸 Consultant or Strategist

🔸 Designer or Developer

🔸 Blogger or Content Specialist

🔸 Social Media Marketer

🔸 Micro-Agency

🔸 Dedicated DIYer

Are you tasked with writing all the things?

Maybe your writing chops are pretty solid, but things get iffy when you start tallying conversions?

Maybe you’re scared after a less than phenomenal launch. ➡️➡️➡️ (psst! super common)

Or maybe your programs and products aren’t selling – even though you know that your offer is awesome.

And even more than that…you know that you know that you have GOT to find a way to make this work.

You don’t like gross sales tactics so you’ve vowed to not get caught up in bro marketing but at the same time…you do actually need to make sales for your business and you’re not sure what to do.

You’re ambitious and you’re not afraid to say so but sometimes you worry that you come on too strong.

Hi! I’m Greta.

Conversion Specialist

Coach, Consultant, & Copywriter

I help business owners just like you to finally face the fact that you’re leaving money on the table with:

 Leaky Funnels
 Unsold Services
 Count Me Out Courses
 Probably Not Programs and
 Barely Making it Memberships

How does it work?

Buy Optimized AF

Nothing could be simpler. Just purchase your review. 

You can use it now or anytime during the next 30 days.

Your choice!

Submit Your Copy

Once you buy your review, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire. 

Give me the deets and submit your Sales Page, Website, or Email Sequences to be optimized.

Check Your Inbox

First up? Your confirmation email that kicks off the countdown.

Next up? 

Your value-packed, game-changing video!

In just 5 business days!

The Fab Follow Up

30 minutes of some serious Q&A.

You can pick my brain about your conversions or even get my feedback on your re-writes!



Pop the bubbly and cue the confetti!

It’s time for high fives & hip bumps.

Go forth and convert!

You’re tired of feeling like everyone else is making tons of money… except you!


You want to be killin’ it…

just the all the women you see around you  and some of them haven’t even been doing this as long as you have.

It’s time to stop wishing you could get more conversions, more leads, and more sales!

Get your copy OPTIMIZED AF and sell your stuff.

I know what you’re thinking… But is this the right choice for me?

Look, creating a sustainable and lifestyle supporting income takes more than branded photos and a smattering of f-bombs.

It takes expertise.

I know that hiring an expert can seem like a huge investment.

Sure, if you’re looking to hire an experienced Conversion Copywriter for a full funnel’s worth of copy, you should expect to spend at least $10-12k and  3 months of your time.

Don’t have that kind of money to spend right now? 

I get it. 

If you can’t afford my premium services then Optimized AF is the perfect opportunity to rent my expertise for a fraction of the cost and a quick turn around.





This is exactly the same optimization offer that I offer my corporate clients…


At only half the price! 

Pro tip:

It doesn’t matter if your offer is rock solid and in demand.

If your copy isn’t on point, you’re losing money.

Don’t wait too long!

I only take 3 reviews a week. 

I only thought I was getting good conversion rates.

I implemented her optimization suggestions and my sales shot through the roof!

I will always have her review my copy.

Genny, Owner of Style Softly

Greta really gets it. She brings that instant connection.

To my audience and to my overall strategy -and it shows in my sales.

She refines my copy so that it’s both more me and has more impact on my audience. Incredible!

Kris, Transformation Coach

I’m crying ALL the happy tears right now!

Greta turned my sales page into a powerhouse.

Now I have a profitable evergreen offer that gives me room to create growth opportunities.

Laurie, Founder of Spoons Need Naps

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